Pasta with pesto and edamame

pasta with pesto and edamame

Just before I made my last batch of garlic scape pesto, I used up the last of the pesto and garlic scape pesto from the year before to make this simple summery dish.  Cleaning out the freezer is important work, right?  😉

I think I originally got the idea for cooking edamame with pasta from Food to Live By, but I’m not sure.  This isn’t so much a recipe, as a starting place.  You can use whatever sauce you want; I just happened to need to use up some pesto this time around.

Basically, heat water and begin boiling whatever pasta you like.  According to the cooking directions on the edamame, add them to the pasta before it’s done (usually 5-8 minutes before the pasta is finished cooking).  Then, drain the pasta and edamame, stir in the pesto, and you’re set!

It’s a simple meat-free dinner that only requires only one pot of boiling water, which is especially nice in summer



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