Playing catch up

dewdrops detail

I’ve been adding to the list but haven’t had time to get photos in and publish anything for a few weeks, so, finally, here’s what I’m thankful for lately:

  • dew drops
  • rain
  • blue skies and sunshine
  • nasturtium vines
  • cheery red geraniums
  • nectarines and blueberries
  • a pink hollyhock among the lilies
  • cucumber blossoms
  • wild daisies
  • baby green tomatoes
  • sandpapery straight stalks of Jerusalem artichokes
  • BLTs (bacon, lambsquarter, and tomato) for dinner
  • flickers of fireflies
  • flocks of starlings in the twilight
  • stories of grace and difficulty shared in circles of friends
  • a working AC and air in the tires
  • new bees
  • friends who share their enthusiasms
  • Russian sage in bloom
  • songs on the radio
  • apples picked and turned into jars of applesauce

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