New in the morning

Dewdrops on mint leaves

I hope you’ll indulge me today.  🙂  I went a little overboard one morning looking at the dewdrops in the garden.  I know it all has to do with cohesion and adhesion and surface tension and more physics than I understand, but they are still marvelous.

The book of Job barely makes mention of the dew, and I can’t help but thinking that these little gems deserve as much space as that leviathan and the behemoth.  Can’t you just hear God asking Job something along the lines of, “Where were you when I taught the dewdrops to dangle like diamonds in the light of the dawn?”

We can hear the question anyway and rejoice in these little wonders along with the others that are also new every morning.

dewdrops on violet leaves

dewdrops on leaves

dewdrops on squash leaves

dewdrops on nasturtium leaves

(Click on the photo above for a larger version and take a good look at the droplets at top right clinging to practically nothing as they are suspended in the air.)

dewdrops on tomato leaves



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