So much to love…

I’ve got to confess that I’ve probably watched this video waaaay too many times in the last few days. It’s just the most recent episode of me spending too much time on YouTube with music videos in languages I don’t speak (although this time the song is in English; the previous episode centered on this song)… But there is just so much that I love about this clip. I’m not into reality TV at all, but there is more here than just a singing nun garnering attention because she’s doing something completely unlike what people expect of nuns.

(You may need to watch the video on YouTube or from one of the links below in order to turn on the closed captions and get an English version of the dialogue in Italian. I think it’s worth 8 minutes of your life; I really do. 😉 Find out why below.)

So, here’s what I love:

  • the way the other sisters get into the show (at 0:49 seconds)
  • this reaction (at about 1:06)
  • the way she enthusiastically affirms her calling (“I’m a nun verissima” [really and truly]) (at 3:02)
  • her answer to the question of why she’s participating in The Voice – Italy (“I have a gift, and I’m giving it to you.  Shouldn’t things be this way?”) (at 3:12)
  • her sense of humor (one example at 5:52)
  • the rest of what she says about why she’s there  (at 6:04 – “[Pope Francis] always says we should go out and evangelize telling God doesn’t take anything away from us but will give us more.”)
  • the snippet of her story in the video’s “About” section

Is she a great person?  I have no idea.  Will this turn out to have been a terrible episode in her life? I hope not.  Will she still affirm the faith 20 years from now?  I hope so.  Is a lot of the hype because she’s a nun doing something completely unexpected, sure, but I still think it’s beautiful, and says something it was good for me to hear.  I hope you’ll find it so, as well.

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