Ash Wednesday: A reminder of what’s to come

A skull and cross bones carved into an old tombstone

There’s nothing like old tombstones to remind you of what’s coming!  Lent is almost upon us, and Ash Wednesday is an annual reminder that we are but dust and will someday return to it.  Or, as the letter of James puts it, “You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”  Not something I often take time to dwell on…

As we begin Lent, we know that Easter is coming, but first we have a forty day journey through the shadow of death, mourning the death that is in us and the rest of the world on account of our sin, remember how desperately we need to turn away from it in repentance and turn toward the new life we’re offered through God’s great goodness.

Here are some thoughts on Lent and ideas for observing Lent this year:

Praying that this journey draws each of us closer to the God who was willing to take on our death and offer us newness and life in return.



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