Epiphany cake fail (sort of)

Chocolate cake with marshmallows

This cake sort of came together by accident.  😉  I’d been mulling over the recipes in the December issue of Better Homes and Gardens and decided to whip up a batch of the flavored marshmallows just for fun.  I used raspberry syrup and swirled real raspberry juice on the top (definitely the most delicious bit!).  It was fun, and the marshmallows are marshmallow-y, but I’m not planning to make this a habit!  (If I try my hand at marshmallows again, I’ll probably give this recipe a shot instead.  I reduced the sugar in the BHG recipe a bit, but I like the idea of trying to use honey instead of corn syrup.)

Anyway, I was also intrigued by the coconut milk cake recipe that is part of these Coconut Snowballs.  I had no interest in making coconut snowballs, but I thought about just making the cake…

And then I got very excited about the chocolate cake that’s used in the Hidden Snowman Cake.  I thought about just drizzling the coconut milk cake in the middle of the chocolate bundt cake instead of the snowmen, but finally decided that I wasn’t up for as much egg beating as is required for the coconut milk cake recipe.  I had also thought about mixing some raspberry preserves in the middle of the cake, but realized that I didn’t have any in the pantry.  That’s when I remembered the raspberry marshmallows.  🙂

It was almost Epiphany, so I decided to cut out some of the marshmallows into star shapes.  I poured half of the chocolate cake batter into the bundt pan (carefully prepared with my Christmas-new Misto) and then put in a layer of marshmallows before adding the rest of the batter.  After baking the cake, I set some of the marshmallow stars on top.  They didn’t melt quite as beautifully as I had hoped, and one slipped off altogether and had to be replaced!

I had hoped that the marshmallows inside would make a “striking appearance” suitable for Epiphany to go along with the stars on top.  Well…

Things didn’t quite go as planned.  The marshmallows inside the cake just sort of dissolved into the cake itself; they turned into extra soft, sweet, faintly raspberry flavored pockets in the middle of the cake, but they weren’t very striking.  😉  The cake itself was fantastic.  I used decaff coffee to make it better as an evening treat, used unsweetened baking chocolate instead of the semi-sweet that’s called for in the recipe, reduced the sugar by a whole cup (using 2 cups instead of 3), and substituted 1 cup of whole wheat flour for a cup of white flour.  It baked up beautifully, and it’s a recipe that I definitely plan to use again.  It’s a sweet, dense, cake with a nice texture, and I look forward to finding other ways to dress it up in the future (including some raspberry preserves!).


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