Sharpening the blades on a reel mower

It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube, both in terms of the sheer variety, as well as the quantity and quality of the content.

I mow the yard with an old-fashioned reel-type mower, which is great for a little exercise, as well as being quiet (no motor) and cheap (no gas required).

But, I knew that the blades needed to be sharpened and wasn’t sure how to proceed, enter YouTube, on which I found:

Completely useless information:

A method requiring the purchase of unnecessary equipment:

A thorough but unnecessarily complicated approach:

And finally, a simple, effective, and helpful way to go about the process:

I learned that an auto parts store is the place to purchase the required valve grinding compound rather than a hardware store, but thanks to my local supplier (aka Dad) I just borrowed a tube, and several pea-sized globs of the substance were enough to do the trick.

I was going to use a toothbrush to apply the compound to the blades, but a little twig worked fine instead.

Now, the blades flash in the sunlight when I mow the yard and the grass looks much better.  🙂


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