Getting to know Cambodia

Mangosteens, dragon fruit, and snake fruit

Visiting Cambodia was lots of fun and an opportunity to learn a lot…  New fruits were only the beginning!  (In the photo above are dragon fruit, mangosteens, and snake fruit.)

If you’re keen on getting to know a little about this country, here are four websites to get you started:

Cambodia Guide

Photos, videos, maps, and facts from National Geographic.

Wikipedia’s article on Cambodia

Phnom Penh Attractions

I spent most of my time in the capital city, and there was plenty to keep me busy.  You can click around on the links to see photos and information about different attractions around the city.

Groves Photography

The Gallery, Biography, and Portfolio sections of this website showcase photos by an Australian photography in Cambodia.  They loaded rather slowly for me, but they’re beautiful images of people and places in Cambodia.


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  1. In Malaysia or Indonesia, the snake fruit is known as buah salak. I kinda like that fruit although the skin feel like a snake (now I know it is also called the snake fruit) =)

    1. dwellrichly says:

      Cool! I’m sure there is a more Khmer/Cambodian name for them than “snake fruit” but that’s the English version, anyway. 🙂 We didn’t get to actually taste these because I they were a little over-ripe, but it was fun to just see how scaly they look up close.

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