Thoughts on a Friday

…God not only commands hospitality to the stranger but promises and even offers to pay the price, if the covenental relationship between God and the people of God goes wrong. … This God would be known as generous Host and merciful Judge and go to all means within reach to be so known and experienced. … He gives to others even to the point of losing his own life.  The logic of his life is self-expenditure.  His death, while like ours, is not like ours.  In our death, death apart from life in God, there is only defeat.  In Jesus, death as death, or perishability, is taken over into God’s own life, and death becomes victory.  Jesus’ resurrection involves more than resuscitation to life — there is a new creation and way of being in the world.

From Welcoming the Stranger: A Public Theology of Worship and Evangelismby Patrick R. Keifert


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