Prayer to the child of Bethlehem

Sweet child of Bethlehem, allow us to fathom with our whole soul this profound mystery of the Nativity.

Put in the hearts of men that peace which they seek, at times with such violence, and which you only can give.

Help them to know you better and live as brothers, like children of the same Father.  Reveal to them also your beauty, your holiness, and your purity.

Awaken in their hearts love and gratitude for your infinite goodness.  Unite them in your benevolence.  And give to all your celestial peace.  Amen.

This prayer from Pope John XXIII also came to me through the Misioneros Salesianos.  The translation from the Spanish and any resulting errors are my own.  


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa G. says:

    A Happy Christmas to you.

    1. dwellrichly says:

      Thanks, Lisa! And a happy new year to you!

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