Light in the darkness


It’s already the third week of Advent, and time continues to fly…

I’d like to take a moment today and go back to a reading for the first Sunday of Advent.  It had a message that I needed to hear that day, and considering the events of this week, it bears re-reading.


Let’s not let the events that the world is suffering and the crisis that our country is living through lull us to sleep so that we lose consciousness of what is happening.  Jesus is coming to meet us and says, “Remain alert!”

Initial Prayer:

Lord Jesus, today we want to set up the Advent Wreath and light the first purple candle to remind ourselves how the light of the world has triumphed over darkness and death.  Amen.


Lord, we ask you to pour out your blessing over this wreath so that we might remember from Sunday to Sunday that we should remain awake, waiting for Christ who brings us salvation.  Don’t allow the evils that surround us to prevent us from engaging with the reality in order to change them.  We ask this in the name of Christ our Lord.  Amen.


We light this light, Lord, just as a man lights his lamp to go out in the night to meet his friend who arrives.  In this first night of Advent we want to get up in order to wait in preparation to receive you with gladness.  Many shadows surround us.  Many pleasures put us to sleep.  We want to stay awake and vigilant because you bring us the clearest light, the deepest peace, and the truest joy.  Come, Lord Jesus!  Come, Lord Jesus!

Gospel Reading:

Luke 21:25-36


Take a moment of silence to meditate on the Word of God and talk with your family about this question: What action could help us have a heart better able to receive Jesus this Christmas?


After each prayer, respond: Come, Lord; we’re waiting for you!

  • That the Light will allow us to leave the darkness.

  • That Your presence will remove our fears.

  • That your teachings will guide our lives.

This order for family worship is from a little booklet published by Misiones Salesianos, and the text probably originally came from EWTN although I can’t find the original text on their website.  The translation from Spanish is my own as are any resulting errors.


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