Chicken curry in the crockpot

A few weeks ago I hosted a dinner and my contribution was a batch of curry.  It needed to be something that could cook while I was out of the house, so I trolled through recipes online and combined several of them to come up with this. (I can’t remember the actual sites I went…

Simplest Avocado Salad

It’s hard to resist buying avocados when they’re just a quarter a piece, but then what to do with them?! So, here’s what happened to several of them… Cut avocado in half. Sprinkle with salt. Add lime juice to the center where the seed was. Grab a spoon and enjoy. Not original or fancy, but…

Thoughts on a Friday

…we are ‘splendid, never-to-be-duplicated stories of grace.’ -Eugene Petersen (quoted by James Bryan Smith in The Good and Beautiful Community)

Good stuff

I’m still dealing with the aftermath of the apples, and I’ll I’ve got to say today is that if you haven’t made it over to Life in the Shoe yet, you really should. Her Wall Words for People Like Us made me laugh out loud. Here’s just a taste: In this home we are family…

First frost

Made time before the first frost to pick the last of the flowers and pot the basil and the parsley.  So cheery now in the kitchen!