Maple syrup milk

So, Google tells me that others have thought of this before me, but I’m pretty happy with myself anyway.

A few years ago some friends gave me a sweet almond syrup (kind of like this recipe) to add to warm milk as a homemade “steamer.”  It’s a tasty treat on chilly evenings, but it ran out long ago, and I wanted something warm and soothing recently as I was fighting off a cold.

That’s when I remembered the half gallon of maple syrup sitting in the pantry!  🙂

I tried it out and definitely recommend it.  Just stir 1-2 teaspoons of maple syrup into a mug of warm milk and enjoy.  Fall hasn’t even really begun yet, but I think this beverage will be making a regular appearance in my house for the next few months.  😉

As an added benefit, maple syrup has more nutrients than just plain old sugar, at least according to the maple syrup producers in Quebec.

(Wait, you say, they’re just trying to sell me something?  Surely not!)

According to their website:

  • Maple syrup is an excellent source of manganese, which plays an important role in energy production and antioxidant defenses, and is necessary for normal brain and nerve function. A portion of ¼ cup of maple syrup contains 100% of the Daily Value of manganese.
  • The sweetener provides 37% of the Daily Value of riboflavin, which aids in the metabolic process.
  • Pure maple syrup also contains 18% of the recommended Daily Value of zinc, which is essential for a healthy immune system.
  • Other minerals found in maple syrup are magnesium, calcium and potassium, decreasing the risk of hypertension or stroke.

I’m very willing to believe it and am happy to work on upping my intake of maple syrup.  Now, I just have to figure out how many mugs of maple syrup milk it takes to get to 1/4 cup of maple syrup and my 100% daily dose of manganese.  😉


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa G. says:

    Zinc! Now, that’s interesting. But a quarter cup a day? I’m shivering at the sweetness of it!

    1. dwellrichly says:

      Yeah, 1/4 cup a day would be a bit excessive (can you imagine the calories!), but getting a few nutrients along with a sweet treat is a nice added bonus. 🙂

  2. adaisygarden says:

    OOOOh! Sounds good! Have to try it!

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