Busy as bees

A frame of honeycomb with honey bees
See the honey glistening in the cells at the right of the frame? And notice the empty cells at the top waiting to be finished and filled with honey.

Late summer has been busy with family and our short reunion saw us busy like the bees talking; laughing; trying new recipes and pulling out old family favorites; gathering with old friends; checking on the bees; picking apples, tomatoes, pears, peaches, peppers, and flowers (and doing the requisite follow-up canning, freezing, and cooking); playing games; butchering some chickens; and moving one of our number into a new third floor apartment.

A honey bee on a sunflower
Gathering nectar (to make into honey) and pollen (bees’ source of protein).

The outings with the bees resulted in only one stinger requiring prompt and delicate removal.

A bee stinger
The poor bee died after inflicting her wrath on an unfortunate member of my family. We’re glad that more of her sisters didn’t join her in the attack.

Now it’s back to life according to the regularly scheduled routine.


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