Summer days with the birds and the bees

A bee eating from a piece of honeycomb

It’s been quiet here on the blog because there’s so much summer living going on!

One of the more unexpected summer activities has been a bit of beekeeping.  This was certainly not in my plans for the summer, or ever, really!   But now I’m fascinated by it.

Through a series of somewhat unusual circumstances my dad has acquired a hive or two of bees.  (As wishy-washy as it sounds, that statement is actually as accurate as we can get since one hive is currently without a queen and we’re not sure if it will survive or not.)

It seems that eager bee assistants are in somewhat short supply in our neck of the woods.  😉  So, I’ve had the pleasure of helping out a few times.

The first time, dad warned me to slow down…bees don’t like people moving too quickly around them, and it’s really best not to aggravate a hive of bees (which can have between 50,000-60,000 individual bees)!  So, I slowed down and paid attention to moving deliberately and calmly.  I had just been reminded of Dallas Willard’s recommendation to “ruthlessly eliminate hurry” and beekeeping seems like the ideal opportunity for practicing this!  😉

I don’t know how much spiritual help I’ll get from working with the bees, but they are incredible creatures and an opportunity to marvel at the intricacy and unexpectedness of God’s creation.

Bees make this stuff, wax in precisely sized hexagons for storing pollen, honey, and even their young. Astounding, really and truly.
Honey in the comb
Wild honey comb, loaded with the sweet sticky honey; work with it in the sun and there’s a lovely smell of honey and beeswax.
Honey on a biscuit
The first taste!

Here are a few things I’ve been enjoying and giving thanks for this summer:

  • time with family and friends
  • time away from the office
  • learning about bees
  • fun reading and helpful reading
  • holiday teas served up iced and cold (like this and this)  I don’t like them so much as hot tea, but served up diluted and cold, they’re a great summer beverage.
  • breakfast and supper on the back porch
  • watching the nest of little finches hatch in a flowerpot hanging outside my window
A bird's nest with small green-blue eggs
See the little eggs at the left? So hard to get a picture through the screen…
A nest of baby birds
It’s nap time. There are three of them, and they look a little crowded!

A biab bird sleeping


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa G. says:

    Oh, how lovely to have such sweet, little bird neighbors!

    1. dwellrichly says:

      Yes, they really are lovely. It’s been fun watching them grow, and they are growing fast!

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