To survive a drought…

A small plant with a tap root about twice as long as the leaves and stems

…it helps to have a tap root.

It’s the secret of the lowly dandelion.

And if our roots are in the right media, they truly are a life line through whatever dry spells may come.


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  1. This is a wonderful analogy. The photo makes it much stronger. Great job!

    1. dwellrichly says:

      Thanks! I pulled this little guy out from between the rocks in my patio and couldn’t believe how long the root was for such a little plant. And with the weather the way it’s been, it’s easy to see why it’s so important…

      1. I’m amazed you got it out with the root intact. God created life to live, didn’t He?

  2. Lisa G. says:

    I had no idea they had such long roots. Amazing you got the whole thing!

    1. dwellrichly says:

      The picture isn’t actually a dandelion. I’m not sure what it was, but I was amazed to see such a long root on such a little plant after I pulled it up. And dandelions do have tap roots, too. I’m not sure how long they get though…

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