A wet Wednesday and some links

It’s a quiet evening of watching dark clouds roll in followed by rain drops dancing under the street lights while thunder rumbles overhead.  We need the rain, and it’s a lovely storm.  It seems to be doing fine every time I step out onto the porch to check on it.  😉

If you’ve never checked out the blogs in the Blogroll, maybe today’s the day.  Coming from around the world, from friends and strangers, these posts were a confluence of just the right words for me today.  Maybe one of them has the right words for you…

Thoughts on waiting from Listening Space

A song of worship (that goes perfectly with the weather) at dolphinsabroad (Have I been singing along?  Maybe…)  😉

Real life, life lessons, and laughs from Life in the Shoe

Thoughts on the church, from both inside and outside, at just being christian

Another beautiful bit on the church along with fasting and the struggle against excess at The Messy Middle

And a reminder that we see only such a small part of the story over at A Holy Experience


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  1. Kath says:

    Thanks for sharing my post. I appreciate your encouragement 🙂

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