Thanks, Mom

A mother and daughter walking down a cobblestone road between two rows of trees

There is no way to put into words all the things I have to thank my mother for or to thank God for making her my mom, but since we’ve got to try, here’s just the tip of the iceberg…

So, thank you, Mom for:

  • loving us so much it hurts
  • loving us even when it hurts
  • loving us even when we pouted and argued and tried to drive you crazy
  • giving us a sense of mischief
  • letting us experiment and mess up your house with so many projects and snake skins and rocks and other amazing finds
  • adventuring with us
  • letting us take off on our own adventures
  • reading the Bible with us and talking about it “when we sat at home and when we walked along the road, and when we lay down and when we got up”
  • telling us the tee-pee joke  😉
  • teaching us to cook (even when we didn’t want to use a recipe)
  • eating what we cooked (even when we didn’t use a recipe!)
  • making us do our chores
  • letting us run barefoot
  • reading aloud to us
  • singing us to sleep
  • tucking us in at night
  • making us clean up (even if the President wasn’t coming to visit)
  • modeling a generous and gracious hospitality
  • putting up with us through our teenage years
  • your patience
  • sharing your sense of wonder with us
  • making us eat our vegetables
  • writing with us and reading what we wrote
  • showing us that even the little things can make a big difference
  • all those special birthday breakfasts and dinners
  • all the ways you made a home where we could grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ
  • teaching us to think for ourselves
  • cooking all those meals
  • our nativity camping trip
  • praying for us
  • and so, so much more than I can list here

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