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As I looked back through notes from my reading during the last year, I thought that this bit from a biography of St. Francis might be helpful for our Lenten journey:

…this immense and unimaginably good God…brought him to life, gave him purpose, rescued him from chaos.  In other words, God was his Creator and Redeemer not in some theoretical, academic or analytical sense, but because Francis had experienced God as author, renewer and savior.  He knew–in a way that was deeper and that surpassed all other modes of knowing–that God had saved him from turmoil and given him meaning.  Francis had not only been lifted from the depths of depression, he had been lifted out of the prison of self.

Henceforth his life would no longer be centered on himself, his needs, his past, his pleasure, his pain, his glory, his fulfillment.  From this time forward, he had one goal in mind: to remain accessible to the voice that had just addressed him–to enable the conversation to continue.

From Reluctant Saint: The Life of Saint Francis of Assisi by Donald Spoto

Find Scripture readings for Lent here.

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