Praying through Lent

Cross-shaped necklaces

There is a quiet kind of joy, O Lord, that Jesus did both save us from our sin and show us how to love…  He took our poverty upon himself that we, in him, might have the riches of his heaven, and he calls us now to use our riches for the poor….

O Father, grant your church to love your glory more than gold — to cease her love affair with comfort and security.  Grant that we seek the kingdom first and let other things come as you will.  Grant that we move toward need and not toward ease.  Grant that the firm finality of our security in Christ frees us to risk our homes and health and money on earth.  Help us to see that if we try to guard our wealth, instead of using it to show it’s not our god, then we will waste our lives, however we succeed.

John Piper in Don’t Waste Your Life


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa G. says:

    That is an excellent prayer; but a hard one.

    I think I should copy it down.

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