Thanksgiving Redux

Water with leaves settling to the bottom

We’re now into Advent, and the decorations with a fall theme are getting replaced with those for the new season.  So, as we turn this page, here’s the list of thanks from my thankfulness tree before the leaves get turned into compost:

  •  tomatoes
  • gifts to give
  • rain
  • peppers
  • fall colors
  • unexpected invitations
  • money
  • blue skies
  • family
  • fall
  • challenges
  • sleep
  • music
  • new paint
  • colorful leaves
  • clouds

And as I’m tempted to grumble or give up over all that there is to do, I know that most of these things are really blessings, too, if I’m willing to recognize them:

  • dishes to do
  • laundry to fold
  • an overflowing mending basket
  • lists of letters to write, and projects to finish, and Christmas preparations to make

One Comment Add yours

  1. your list is always cheery

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