It’s a WRAP (White Ribbon Against Pornography Week)

I’m not really into the ribbons-on-the-lapel phenomenon, but I’ve just learned that we’re nearing the end of White Ribbon Against Pornography (or WRAP) Week.  I’d never heard of this particular campaign, but I appreciate the need.

The gentleman in a clip at the end of the video below says,

Those who become addicted to this risk-free form of sex, run a risk of another and greater kind.  They risk the loss of love in a world where only love brings happiness.

For those of us who believe that God is love, the loss of this love is grave indeed, and believing in a crucified Christ, we know that love is not risk-free.

We’re all tempted again and again to be satisfied with “risk-free” substitutes for The One Who Is Love, but these idols in which we try to find satisfaction are never harmless.

Seeking ultimate meaning or affirmation from anything else, whether it’s pornography or something as seemingly benign as a career, or family, or financial stability, or even a “holy life” will in the end leave us wanting, and damaged, and almost certainly damaging others…

To learn more or take action check these links:

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW)

Download a prayer guide

Enough is Enough

Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST)

The Social Costs of Pornography

Why the Salvation Army Fights Human Trafficking

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