Thoughts on a Friday (dense but worth the pondering)

Blue morning glory blossoms

Conversion is, then, a response to God, Who invites us to a state of complete freedom, away from everything that is hostile to His goodness and mercy.  The call one hears is not primarily or simply an encouragement to amend one’s life or to follow a particular religious path….

We begin to acknowledge, accept and know God — always imperfectly and darkly — when we seek to be free of our idolatry of self, love others unselfishly and accept our existence as meaningful, despite its unmanageability.  When we renounce our fear of life and give up trying to have it under our control — that is, when we acknowledge our contingency and utter dependence on God — then God comes to us and turns us toward Himself.  Seen in this light, conversion means not only a turning away from one’s past but entrusting oneself to the unexpected, uncharted way into the incalculable future in which God comes to us.

From Reluctant Saint: The Life of Francis of Assisi by Donald Spoto

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  1. When i remember my first coming to the Light, I was four, and a five year old friend sat on the steps with me in our outrageously beautiful forested and streamed land. My dad who adopted me gave his life to us kids in every way; we were so loved and cherished. He was an honest man of integrity, and a hard worker with a compassionate heart though at this point in his life he felt to need God was to need a crutch. I heard him say the name of the Saviour many times in vain… Jesus Christ and God Almighty were vocabulary I heard daily but didn’t understand. So it was on this day that my friend sat with me and sang the song “Jesus loves me this I know” that I received this beautiful Jesus as my own. At six, a different friend’s mother shared the way of salvation more clearly and this Jesus I had come to love, I gave my life to. At 19 at a wedding of another friend I rededicated my life to this Jesus,who loved me and gave His life for me.
    All my life it has been a drawing unto the Light… He uses marvelous ways to bring us in and all those dark ways only make the Light appear brighter and the hungering greater.
    Conversion… out of the darkness and into the Light
    Thanks for your post… brought back lovely memories!

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