Something to fall for

Colorful fallen leaves in a glass bowl

Inspired by the fall foliage and this link (from this post), I decided that people with kids aren’t the only ones who should get to have crafting fun.  The rest of us also need some hands-on connection with that beyond what we can comprehend.

So now I’ve got my own little bowl of beautiful leaves by the door, with permanent markers at the ready, and the beginnings of a carpet of thankfulness on an end table nearby.

Colorful fall leaves with words of thanksgiving written on them

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  1. what a wonderful Idea… I will scatter thankfulness all over my table for ladies’ tea this week and leave many blank for them to fill in ! Oh thanks you for this marvelous posting today! Yay ! Eucharisteo can be such joy!
    Our Autumn leaves are just waiting for me!

    1. dwellrichly says:

      What a lovely idea and a blessing to all your guests!

  2. I wished we lived in an area where we could write on actual fall leaves! The deserts of Northern Nevada where we live don’t produce very many trees however. How lovely to have a “carpet of thankfulness” made with real leaves!

    1. dwellrichly says:

      Autumn is something I appreciate after a few years in a climate without one, but we have to have something to make up for the summer humidity. 😉

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