A different perspective

A green vine wrapped around a wooden post

This story appeared on the BBC news online recently and talks about the effect of sponsorship on children in developing countries.

It’s worth taking a few minutes to read it.

You’ll notice that the Compassion button is still in the sidebar here.  Nothing we’re involved in will ever be perfect, but we can at least consider the consequences of our methods.

Thinking about how and why we give is especially vital since giving money away is often so much easier than actually interacting with people who are in difficult circumstances.  We give, but how often do we really give?

When we give more than money it’s often unpleasant and complicated and hard.

Not everyone who needs what we can give is responsible or honest or grateful or smells good or looks nice or talks nice or makes the choices that we would like them to.

But neither do I.

I can be irresponsible and dishonest and ungrateful and smelly and make bad choices.

I can, and I am, and I do.

Fortunately, the One I need help from the most doesn’t give up on me.  And the least I can do is stumble along and clumsily and prayerfully try to follow this example.

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  1. Court says:

    I too am glad he doesn’t give up on me!

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