Consider the lilies…

Curled garlic tops preparing to flower
These aren't lilies, but they're what I've been considering lately...garlic plants about to bloom.

Consider the Lilies of the Field

by Christina Rossetti

Flowers preach to us if we will hear:–
The rose saith in the dewy morn:
I am most fair;
Yet all my loveliness is born
Upon a thorn.
The poppy saith amid the corn:
Let but my scarlet head appear
And I am held in scorn;
Yet juice of subtle virtue lies
Within my cup of curious dyes.
The lilies say: Behold how we
Preach without words of purity.
The violets whisper from the shade
Which their own leaves have made:
Men scent our fragrance in the air,
Yet take no heed
Of humble lessons we would read.

Two curlicues formed by garlic tops about to bloom

But not alone the fairest flowers:
The merest grass
Along the roadside where we pass,
Lichen and moss and sturdy weed,
Tell of His love who sends the dew,
The rain and sunshine too,
To nourish one small seed.

Spirals formed by garlic tops about to bloom
Surely the one who authored these crazy spirals can untwist the crazy curlicues of our lives as well. And maybe like these spirals that blossom into new little plants, there is also a purpose for the crazy spirals we go through.

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  1. Christina, this post is absolutely lovely! Thank you for brightening my day and putting my eyes on the blossoming growth around me. God brings forth fruit in His season. May we eat and be refreshed…

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